Ecuador’s biodiversity is astonishing for a country of its small size. In fact, 10% of earth’s vascular plants are concentrated in Ecuador, an area that only represents 2% of the planet’s surface. It is the perfect travel destination for those who are passionate about nature. Ecuador has 10% of all of Earth’s plants, around 8% of animals and 18% of bird species of the planet. In Tanusas alone you will find 150 bird species! Ecuador has around 15% of the total endemic bird species in the world.


Biodiversity and surroundings have inspired us to blend abundant and renewable natural elements along with comfortable living spaces, overwhelmed with modern life features to create truly sustainable homes in harmony with nature.



Within easy reach of the main cities of Ecuador, Tanusas is located on the South Pacific coast of Manabí.

A semi tropical paradise with 300 sunny days per year, with an average annual temperature of 25° C (77° F). We are privileged by two well marked seasons: A Dry season from November to May, and a Rainy season from May through October.



Tanusas Villas

Designed to offer the natural beauty of Ecuadorian materials at the highest level.

The interior design concept combines natural elements, warm woods, rattan and pigmented cement with a contemporary style. The spaces are designed to connect with emotions of calm and serenity.

Área social

Social Area

This space marvels at the double height and an exposed bamboo canopy, the social spaces connect to the sea and the forest, allowing cross ventilation and fluidity in the environment. The continuous white microcement floors, contrast with the roofs of the natural material.

Living and dining room

Living and dining room

The Bamboo is an elegant and simple material at the same time, the modular furniture has doors with bamboo veneer and Bloom fittings. The kitchen is connected to the dining room to invite to participate in the preparation of food. We use matte ultra-white countertops providing clarity to the spaces.



The rooms are temples of serenity, we have integrated wide spaces and generous heights, the white floors of microcemento in Contrast with wood and bamboo designed closets, connect the spaces between different areas of the house. Large windows open space for light throughout the room.


Tanusas Villas has the widest range of adventurous activities.  Enjoy surfing in the most famous Ecuadorian beaches, paddling your kayak through the Boca de Cayo streams, Humpback whale watching, scuba diving in Isla de la Plata riffs, hiking the paradisiac humid forest or mountain biking in the hills of Chongón-Colonche.