Samih Sawiris



Tanusas was born in 2012 when Samih Sawiris and his wife Goya Gallagher built their Beach House in Boca de Cayo-Manabí, after meeting Dayra Reyes and Rodrigo Pacheco, who bring the vital energy and life - philosophy to the project, they decided to turn it into a Boutique Hotel with a focus on well-being and sustainable development. Tanusas features for its 70% of the total land area destined to natural landscapes, the conservation and recovery of endemic flora and fauna of the location.

“Our vision extends beyond the limits of Tanusas, our purpose is focused on protecting the environment, creating positive social impact and immersing people in unique experiences through nature connection” When you invest in Tanusas, you become an active participant in this vision. Samih is a visionary man who has been transforming and leading developments of integrated cities for more than twenty years in more than 7 countries, currently commited for the first time in Ecuador to create a real estate - hotel destination entirely dedicated to sustainability.